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Epic Code LAB1230850 Pathology Consult

Important Note

Use the Pathology Consult (LAB1230850) order to place routine inpatient and ambulatory consults to pathology. The order will automatically route to a pathology pool. The Pathologist will reach out to the ordering provider via the method specified within the order. The ordering provider will receive an In Basket message instructing them to see the Consult Note in the patient chart.


This order should only be placed in an Office Visit or Orders Only encounter in Spectrum Health's instance of Epic. Due to it being a lab order, it cannot be used in a telephone or other encounter in which you could not collect a specimen.

This order is for routine consults only. All urgent consults, like intra-op, should continue to follow the same process of calling the lab call center to reach the on-call pathologist). View the tip sheet on InSite for more details: Orders - Pathology Consult.docx (

Test Name Alias

Routine Lab Consult

Performing Department


Performing Department Laboratory Location

Corewell Health Reference Laboratory, Grand Rapids, MI

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