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Epic Code LAB3121 T-SpotA®

Important Note

T-Spot TB Test must ONLY be ordered on patients with immunosuppressive conditions or those undergoing treatment with immunosuppressive drugs (as of 8/22/2016)

Please use in house TB Screen (QuantiFERON® Gold Plus) LAB3619 if TB testing is needed and patient does not have immunosuppressive conditions or on immunosuppressive drugs.

Tests ordered as Transplant TB Screens, but drawn using the QuantiFERON-TB Gold test tubes will be canceled and reordered as TB Screens by the laboratory. Orders for T-Spot (i.e. not Transplant TB Screen) will be drawn and run as TB Screen (i.e. QuantiFERON® - TB Gold).


TB T-Spot Test is time sensitive.

  • Specimens must be collected Monday - Friday.
  • Specimens collected on Friday must be received at Corewell Health Reference Laboratory (35 Michigan/Grand Rapids), no later than 2 pm
    • If the specimen arrives after 2 pm, the specimen will be cancelled and a request for recollection will be made.
  • Please place specimen in purple priority or red STAT bag to ensure the Processing staff know this is a timed priority test.

Test Name Alias

Transplant TB Screen | 2804 | Send Out TB Spot

Interface Order Alias


Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Whole Blood
Container/Tube: 6mL Green Top (Sodium Heparin)
Volume: 12 mL - Adults and children 10 years old and over

                   8 mL - Children 2 - 9 years old

                   4 mL - Children up to 2 years old
Minimum volume: 6 mL - Adults and children 10 years old and over

                                    4 mL - Children 9 years old and younger


**Note**: If patient is immunosuppressed draw 5 -10 mLs additional blood if possible


Specimen Stability

Specimen to remain ambient

Test Frequency

Sent to reference laboratory, usual TAT 2 – 4 days.

Performing Department


Performing Department Laboratory Location

Send Out to Quest Ref. Lab



CDM Code


Epic Test ID



T Spot TB test: 45323-3

Beaker LOINC


Reviewed Date