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Epic Code LAB721 Ammonia, Blood Level

Important Note


Test Name Alias

Ammonia Blood Level | NH3 Blood Level | 8074

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Collection Instructions

Specimen Collection: Blood


Container(s): 3.0 mL Lavender top (EDTA)

Preferred Volume to Collect: 3.0 mL

Minimum Volume to Collect: 2.0 mL

Neonate Volume to Collect: 1.0 mL

Capillary collect ok: No

Microtainer acceptable: No


Collection Instructions:

  • AVOID:
    • Tourniquet (Do not use tourniquet)
    • Underfilled tubes (Tubes should be full)
    • Prolonged exposure to air
    • Smoking should be avoided prior to sampling
  • After collection, gently invert tube 8-10 times
  • Deliver on ice.
  • Deliver to lab immediately. Tube must be processed (centrifuged/spun) within 15 minutes --  See processing instructions below

NOTE: Spectrum Health Continuing Care - Fuller and Kalamazoo: Please follow "Standard Work" instructions. Specimen must be spun, separated, frozen and transported on dry ice. Specimen must only be picked up by Spectrum Health Courier during scheduled pickups. This specimen cannot be picked up as a STAT, during afterhours or via 3rd party courier (i.e. Reliable Delivery).


Processing Instructions (Laboratory, Outpatient or Off-site collection)

  • Processed Specimen: Plasma
  • Centrifuge/Spin: Yes
  • Aliquot: Yes
  • Processing Instructions:
    • Tube must be centrifuged immediately (within 15 minutes).
    • Remove plasma and freeze in separate plastic vial.
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to air.
    • Send specimen frozen, on ice.
  • Transport Temperature: Frozen



Specimen Stability

Note: To be delivered and remain on ice until testing performed.

Test Frequency

Available 24 hours, usual TAT 1 day.

Reference Range

0 – 60 µmol/L


Laboratory Critical Values Table

Performing Department


Performing Department Laboratory Location

Corewell Health Reference Laboratory, Grand Rapids, MI
Corewell Health Big Rapids Laboratory, Big Rapids, MI
Corewell Health Blodgett Laboratory, Grand Rapids, MI
Corewell Health Gerber Laboratory, Fremont, MI
Corewell Health Kelsey Laboratory, Lakeview, MI
Corewell Health Ludington Laboratory, Ludington, MI
Corewell Health Pennock Laboratory, Hastings, MI
Corewell Health Reed City Laboratory, Reed City, MI
Corewell Health Greenville Laboratory, Greenville, MI
Corewell Health Zeeland Laboratory, Zeeland, MI


Enzymatic – UV



CDM Code


Epic Test ID



Ammonia: 16362-6

Reviewed Date


Updated Date

3/14/2024 - Reference Range